Hello there!

Hey there, I’m Josh, the person behind Wanderlust&Piecrust! This space is where you can find some of the delicious treats I share on my Instagram page and even a few things that don’t make it onto my feed.

My love for baking started shortly after my first dark winter in the Pacific North West. What started as a personal goal to master pie making has become a significant part of my life. Over the last eight years, I have gone from hobby baker to recipe testing my creations in the kitchen as a self-taught baker to finally attending culinary school. It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My food philosophy is simple: keep it local, keep it seasonal, keep it elevated. Growing up on the west coast, I have had the unique privilege of having access to some of the best ingredients and food cultures. When creating a recipe, I am often inspired firstly by what’s in season. I make it a point to visit the farmer’s market in my neighborhood and let what’s growing and flourishing take the lead.

When I’m not testing recipes at home, strengthening my skills at The Seattle Culinary Academy, or reading a book, you can find me flying for work. I love to explore/get lost in new places and find new things in old places. And while do I love to travel around, there is still nothing better than a rainy day in Seattle, bundled up with a book or catching up with a friend over some local coffee. Seattle will always be my favorite city (but Boston, New York, and New Orleans are all a close second).

Whether it’s up in the sky or down on the ground, I hope I see you around! Thanks for stopping by!